• Next Parish Council meeting will be held on Monday 2nd October 2023 at 7.30 pm in the Upstairs Meeting Room, Village Hall, High Street, Hawkesbury Upton.

About Hawkesbury Parish

Hawkesbury is a civil parish in South Gloucestershire. The civil parish includes the hamlet of Hawkesbury, the larger village of Hawkesbury Upton, and the hamlets of Dunkirk, Petty France, Inglestone Common, and Little Badminton. The population in 2020 was approximately 1,200.

Located within Hawkesbury Upton is a community-owned and operated shop, a post office, two public houses – The Beaufort and The Fox, as well as a hairdresser and farm shop. Primary education is provided by Hawkesbury Primary School and a range of groups and activities use the extensive facilities provided by the Village Hall.

Recreation facilities include a children's play park, a skate park, football pitch as well as cricket, and tennis clubs. The Cotswold Way passes through the Parish.

The Somerset Monument is located just outside Hawkesbury Upton on the road to Hillesley. The monument was erected in 1846 to commemorate General Lord Edward Somerset. He was a soldier son of the 5th Duke of Beaufort, (whose ancestral home is at Badminton), and had served with distinction at the Battle of Waterloo.

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