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Electricity Supply Disruption - Parish Council Communication

Electricity Supply Disruption - Parish Council Communication

Further to the power disruption experienced 22nd November, the Parish Council has registered an official complaint with Western Power the content of which is copied below:

For some time now the village has experienced frequent power disruption. The Parish Council has always reported these when they occur because parishioners contact the Clerk, but recently we have received many robust complaints which have prompted this letter. Many people are finding that these outages cause significant disruption to modern electrical and electronic home appliances and equipment, in one case their induction hob does not work properly for several days after an interruption in the supply.

Whilst we understand that you have a difficult task in finding the cause of these occurrences, we must ask you to prioritize seeking a permanent solution so that disruption to the village ceases. We would be grateful if you could keep the Parish Council informed of your investigations and assure us that the cause has been identified and corrected.

Posted: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 09:00 by Newsroom

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