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Neighbourhood Watch News

Neighbourhood Watch News

Our periodic roundup of local news and activities from the local Neighbourhood Watch. If you have seen or reported anything recently that you think the wider community should be aware of please let Graham at Hawkesbury Neighbourhood Watch know at inglestone1@gmail.com or 0778 606 4803

Latest News

A house on Badminton Road, Chipping Sodbury, was burgled at some point between 8.25 am on Tuesday 28 December and 3.45 pm on Sunday 2 January. A window at the front of the property was forced to gain entry and some jewellery was stolen after an untidy search was made. Similarly, a home on Limes Farmyard, Luckington Road, Acton Turville, was burgled between 3.45 and 6 pm on Wednesday 5 January. The offender(s) made an unsuccessful attempt to force the back door but have then managed to force a side window to get inside. An untidy search was made, and the culprits targeted only jewellery, leaving other valuable items behind. 'Professional' burglars will travel over a wide area and target premises where they believe valuable property will be found, sometimes spending time watching the routines of the occupiers. Do not hesitate to notify the police by phoning 101, or even 999 if you suspect any suspicious activity around your own or your neighbour's property.

Hawkesbury NHW and your Parish Council are supporting the reinstatement of Community Speed Watch to address residents' concerns regarding the inappropriate speed of some traffic passing through the village. Please consider volunteering some of your time to bring the initiative into action.

Posted: Mon, 24 Jan 2022 12:34 by Newsroom

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