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Threatened 84/85 bus service extended following council intervention

South Gloucestershire Council and Gloucestershire County Council have worked in partnership to enable an 84/85 bus service to continue for a further three months whilst a longer-term solution is explored.

A replacement 84/85 service will be delivered by bus operator The Big Lemon, and from Monday 5 June will operate to a limited timetable, every two hours in each direction.

This new service will ensure communities in South Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire served by the route remain connected and provides time for a more permanent solution to be investigated. South Gloucestershire Council will work with the West of England Combined Authority (WECA) and neighbouring authorities Gloucestershire County Council, Stroud District Council, Wotton Under Edge Town Council, as well as the parish and town councils served by these routes, to develop a long-term plan to continue to deliver the service.

Due to the emergency arrangement, it has not been possible to update the existing bus timetable information however it will be available soon and will also be featured on https://travelwest.info/ The school journeys to Chipping Sodbury and Katherine Lady Berkeley have been retained except for the afternoon journey from Chipping Sodbury School.

At this stage it wasn't possible to find an exact like-for-like replacement for the previous 84/85 timetable, so the councils have focused on retaining a service. It is hoped that the recently launched demand-responsive transport will be able to help cover any gaps.

The revised timetable will be available at https://travelwest.info/

For more information about WESTlink demand responsive transport visit https://travelwest.info/westlink/

Posted: Sat, 03 Jun 2023 09:57 by Newsroom

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